Saturday , March 24 2018
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Car Theft And How To Avoid It

A well known car security company has just announced their top ten list of the most attractive cars to car thieves. It comes as no surprise to learn that premier brands fill all the spots. BMW held the unenviable accolade of most stolen car in 2011 and retains its title …

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Top 5 maintenance tips for your new car

If you’ve just purchased a brand new car, you will most likely be looking to ensure that it stays in great condition, looking perfect and running sweetly. In order to keep a vehicle in top condition, careful maintenance has to be performed throughout the year and owners have to be …

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Ford EcoBoost Technology Goes Global

There have recently been intriguing hints that the Ford Motor Company are going to reveal a new concept vehicle at the Shanghai Motor Show to further their aims of producing truly ‘global’ vehicles of which the Focus is currently pre-eminent. They have been especially tight-lipped about this but have no …

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Pick-Up Trucks: What to Look For When Buying

A pick-up truck is designed as a working vehicle and more often than not, the kind of work involved includes transporting heavy goods. Such a commercial role means that they will encounter higher demands than a normal domestic vehicle, or a business vehicle used for transporting personnel or small packages. …

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BMW – 100 years of manufacturing

BMW, or the Bavarian Motor Works, to give it its full title, is a famous luxury car maker, headquartered in Munich, Bavaria. BMW’s been in business for nearly 100 years, founded as they were in 1917 as a car, motorbike and engine manufacturer. They now rate as one of the …

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The Risks Of Driving In Winter

Last month, the Highways Agency praised motorists who took extra care when driving on the icy British roads as the snow continued to fall. They also warned that drivers must keep up this effort in order to ensure everyone remains safe on the road. The advice for snowy weather is …

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