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Life-size LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron you can drive

Life-size LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron

Introducing the ultimate LEGO Technic project – a driveable, full-scale Bugatti Chiron that can be driven. There’s enough space for two in the non-glued, fully-functional, self-propelled model and it can accelerate to around 13mph (20km/h). Constructed out of more than 1,000,000 LEGO Technic elements, it uses motors from the LEGO …

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Slow down but not too slow

When it comes to speed limits, it seems the only direction is down. Many built-up areas are already a low 20mph. Yet one driver gets caught for speeding every 75 seconds in the UK. Speed limits are supposed to reduce the chance and severity of an accident. But is there …

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How To Bolster Your Vehicle Security With Car Trackers

Vehicle theft costs the UK billions of pounds every year. Modern-day vehicles come equipped with multiple built-in security measures, but adept criminals work their way around these defenses easily with the use of modern tools and experience. With the ongoing keyless crime wave, owners of newer vehicles have already been …

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New SsangYong Rexton for top rider Pippa

Pippa Funnell SsangYong Rexton

British Olympic medallist Pippa Funnell MBE has taken delivery of a new SsangYong Rexton Ultimate. Pippa, who’s a brand ambassador for SsangYong (Korea’s oldest 4×4 and SUV specialist producer), represents the company at all the major equestrian events she attends. “I am really excited about driving the new Rexton and …

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How to reduce your car’s running costs

Credit cards can save you money

Keeping a car on the road can cost drivers thousands each year, so along with safety and reliability, running costs are often a top consideration for many when choosing a car. We’ve teamed up with Warranty Direct to put together a guide to the most expensive outgoings that come with …

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The car technology baffling drivers

In-car technology

Almost half of drivers struggle to get their heads around in-car tech, according to a new study. Research revealed that despite technology in cars enabling us to find routes at the touch of a button, chat to friends and family hands-free and brake without touching a pedal, a large percentage …

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Top 25 factors that influence car buyers

Buying a new Hyundai

Running costs, reliability and price are what motorists look for when buying a car, according to a new study. Researchers polled 2,000 British car buyers and found that fuel type, road tax and the manufacturer also influence the motor we go for. Economy, handling and safety have a bearing too …

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How to maintain and restore a classic car

If you’re thinking of investing in a classic car, or you’ve already invested and want to make sure your purchase stays valuable, it’s time to get familiar with classic car maintenance and restoration. Full restorations are not for the faint-hearted; they require considerable amounts of time, money and dedication, not …

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