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Smart way to better driving?


TomTom Telematics has launched CURFER – a smart connected car solution designed to help motorists improve their driving style. TomTom CURFER consists of a smartphone app and a small on-board diagnostics (OBD) device. Feedback includes live and retrospective information on your braking, cornering, acceleration and idling. In addition, various car …

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Special Triumph TR5 for sale

Triumph TR5

First production Triumph TR5 roadster to be sold by Classic Motor Cars (CMC) – yours for £79,500. The right hand drive 1967 TR5 will be on display at the Classic & Sports Car show at Alexandra Palace (Oct 30 – Nov 1). One of only 1,100 produced, it was manufactured …

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Motorway motoring: need for speed?

Motorway traffic (credit RAC)

Eight out of 10 company car drivers admit to speeding on motorways, according to a new survey. In total, 81% of company car drivers admitted to regularly breaking the 70mph speed limit, compared to 69% of private motorists. However, the research for RAC Business, found that 90% still considered themselves …

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Britain’s baffling road signs

Road sign

Nine out of 10 motorists say they are confused by road signs, according to an alarming new survey. The research, which was commissioned by car finance expert, Zuto, also reveals that a third of UK drivers are unable to recognise the national speed limit and more than 40% confused by …

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Britain’s vanishing everyday cars

Austin Ambassador

The Austin Ambassador has become one of the scarcest once-common vehicles in the UK with just 17 still licensed for road use. As recently as 20 years ago there were 5,515 of the distinctive wedge-shaped hatchback on the road, according to analysis of DVLA vehicle data by RAC Cars. Now it heads …

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Life-sized origami-inspired Lexus

Origami Lexus IS

Meet the ultimate cardboard cut-out car – and it goes too! The replica of the new Lexus IS saloon has been crafted from 1,700 fully recyclable laser-cut cardboard sheets and took three months to build. Created by a five-strong team of professional designers and modellers from specialist companies LaserCut Works and …

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Top driving tips for fuel economy

Audi fuel economy world record

The cost of petrol and diesel is one of the the biggest concerns for motorists, so why not make your fuel go further? With the average family car costing around £60 to fill up, the RAC has come up with a set of top tips, plus there’s advice from the …

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UK’s Top 10 car names

Ford Focus

Bob and Betty are revealed as the most popular car names in Britain. As part of international Name Your Car Day, conducted a national survey of 1,000 people and created a national Top 10. However, some respondents had more unusual names for their cars, including Silver Dream Machine, Moby Dick …

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What kind of driver are you?

Traffic jam

New research reveals the seven types of driving personality – which one are you? Goodyear carried out the in-depth study with the London School of Economics, based on how drivers deal with their own feelings and their uncertainty over the behaviour of other road users. Seven personalities of UK drivers …

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How to scrap your car

How to scrap a car

It’s never easy saying goodbye to your old car – chances are you’ve been through a lot together – but sometimes there’s no option but to scrap it. Whether the engine’s given up the ghost, it’s failed its MOT or you’re upgrading to a newer model, there are a few things …

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