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The Call Of The Road

The Bedroom Wall For children – and especially boys – there comes a time when that glorious automobile on the bedroom poster must one day morph into the real thing. That real thing, sadly, is unlikely to have four exhaust pipes and a big wing; it is more likely to …

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The Colourful History Of The Ford Motor Company

Ford Logo

(Click on image to enlarge) Refered to by Forbes as ‘the most important industrial company in the history of the United States’, Ford Motor Company was originally founded by the late Henry Ford over 110 years ago. To this day it remains in the controllof the Ford family, despite their …

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The Big Freeze

There used to be a commodity available to all – and still is – that is called common sense. So it is even more amazing when bad things happen to people who have neglected to consume their fair share of the stuff. These days modern cars use built-in security that …

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The Development of MINI

Mini line up

The MINI Cooper is one of those iconic vehicles that have left their mark on the motoring imagination in much the same way as Mozart and The Beatles left their mark on music. Not because it’s the fastest or most beautiful car ever made but because it was a completely …

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Intensive Driving Courses: Are They Worth It?

Intensive Driving Courses

There are different ways to undertake learning to drive. You can have lessons from a family member and then have a few lessons from a qualified instructor before your test to iron out any minor issues. You can have a long course of lessons one or more times each week …

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Stay Safe – Avoid Accidents Part 1.

There’s an old adage that says it isn’t speed that kills you it is the sudden stop. Corny, but factually correct. The recent multi-car pile-up on the Sheppey Crossing involving over one hundred vehicles should have been a timely reminder to all that driving a heavy metal object inherently comes …

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Stay Safe – Avoid Accidents Part 2

As drivers we have a responsibility to operate our vehicles in a safe manner yet most of us are guilty of being complacent from time to time. We forget to think about what we are doing and we fail to anticipate the obvious. It’s not intentional but it is risky. …

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The Global Appeal Of Front Wheel Drive

In the 1950’s an automotive genius called Alec Issigonis looked up from his drawing board and said to the assembled company, ‘You know, if we just turn the engine around sideways…’. It may not have gone quite like that but, whatever, the Mini was born and the first successful front …

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