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A Family Car With Bite – The Jaguar XFR-S.

Most car enthusiasts would jump at the chance to drive cars that are hopeless out of the budget of normal folk and this writer is no exception. Thus it transpired that when offered the chance for a thirty minute drive in a Jaguar XFR-S I was in the car before …

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A Car That Really Is A Star

Once in a while the chance comes along to drive someone else’s car, which is good; but the snag is you don’t get enough time with them. Not all the secrets are revealed and not all buttons pressed nor knobs twiddled. All that can be achieved from a short drive …

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BMW Gets The Pininfarina Treatment

Both names in the title are synonymous with quality and design. BMW needs no introduction of course but Pininfarina is just a name appended to various cars over the years. They have, in fact, been at the top of the automotive design tree since the early 1930’s. The Company was …

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Porsche Cayenne GTS: The Best Sporty 4×4 Ever?

Porsche already has a fast 4×4 in the form of the Cayenne Turbo, but thought there was still room for a new GTS – the more driver focused version without the two turbochargers, but with more thorough tuning on the 4.8-litre V8 engine. It falls short 79bhp on the Cayenne …

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Range Rover Evoque Review

At the moment we are having a love affair with 4×4’s. For many years now, the Land Rover/Range Rover brand has shown its brilliance by producing an off road vehicle that blends off road might with opulent luxury. Now we have a New Land Rover to feast our eyes over …

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Executive Decision – Jaguar XF

Isn’t the new Lamborghini Aventador fabulous? A quarter of a million pounds worth of lustful desirability just waiting to be pointed at the far blue yonder. The question is – will it fit in your garage? Also, how will it fare in the supermarket car park? This is the problem …

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Nissan Juke R

The Nissan Juke is a creation from Nissan that was a bit leftfield and raised a few eyebrows when it was first released.  It was a great functioning car but boasted some loud and very bold styling with plenty of accessories and additions that really put this car in a …

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Range Rover Evoque

Land Rover is expecting audacious things from its…well rather audacious looking Evoque. The car offers the fuel economy of a mid ranged Ford Focus in a chassis that is actually shorter – not very Land Rover – the company is expecting 90 per cent of Evoque sales to come from …

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Skoda Octavia Green E Line

Skoda has joined the green revolution with the unveiling of the Octavia Green E line at the Paris Motorshow. The car is being aimed at their ecologically concerned customers and the company have said they intend on producing a fleet of electric cars throughout 2011 for testing. The Octavia’s modular …

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