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Defender of The Faith

Geoff 205

Excerpt: In 1947 one Maurice Wilks came up with the idea of a Land Rover and, in a nutshell, the Series 1 Landy was born. Swiftly, this robust workhorse became the favourite of farmers, equestrians and...

Crossover To An SUV

Geoff 179

Excerpt: Do you see what I did there? Pretty snappy title even if I do say so myself: but enough about me. The new recently announced Audi Q3 seems to be a direct challenge to the likes of, say, the Range...

Nissan Juke R

Matt 344

Excerpt: The Nissan Juke is a creation from Nissan that was a bit leftfield and raised a few eyebrows when it was first released.  It was a great functioning car but boasted some loud and very bold styling...

Range Rover Evoque

Olay 566

Excerpt: Land Rover is expecting audacious things from its...well rather audacious looking Evoque. The car offers the fuel economy of a mid ranged Ford Focus in a chassis that is actually shorter – not very...

New Chevrolet Captiva

Martyn 254

Excerpt: Plugging into the European fascination with 4x4, MPV cars Chevrolet have just released the new Chevrolet Captiva.  There is still plenty of desire by the new car buying public for roomy, robust...

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