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New drivers opt for new cars

Buying a new Hyundai

More than a third of drivers opt to buy new cars on finance after they’ve passed their driving test, according to new research. A survey of 1,371 UK drivers by motoring solicitor specialists, Motoring Offence Lawyers, indicates that 38% of new drivers shun bangers for brand new cars. Economy was …

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Ways to pay for your new car

Used MINIs

Deciding to buy a new car can be really exciting, but working out how to pay for it can be hard. We’ve teamed up with to give you the options available… Cash If you have a lump sum of money already saved for your car, then using cash can have an …

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Fiesta tops car history timeline

White Ford Fiesta

Ford’s bestseller is an almost constant feature as Brits reveal the cars they will buy in their lifetime. The study for car finance experts Zuto found that at all stages of our life – from the moment we pass our test to when we hit retirement – the Ford Fiesta …

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Don’t Be Fooled By Used Car Scams

When it comes to buying a used car the purchaser cannot take any chances. Taking advice from friends or tips from the wrong people can tempt used car buyers into believing some of the popular and common misconceptions. Amazingly many used car buyers keep falling for the same old tricks …

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What’s The Best Option – New Or Used Cars?

Buying a car is one of those great moments in life. They are expensive enough to merit some serious pondering before parting with the hard-earned moolah, but generate enormous pleasure and satisfaction to the lucky new owners. In short, cars are great. The problem is that most of us only …

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A Guide To Financing Your Car

If you are thinking about trading in your car for a newer model, you will be faced by a bewildering array of options for funding the purchase. Before you can make a final decision about which to take, you need to know your HP from your PCP, as well as …

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How to buy a new car

Buying a brand new car is one of the largest investments you’ll ever have to make so it makes perfect sense to take as much time as you feel you need in order to guard against mistakes. There are however, some aspects of car buying that are the same, irrespective …

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Instant Recognition – Iconic Motors

Design is everything with cars no matter what era is under discussion, but in modern times when there are accusations that every vehicle looks the same, it is vital to make your products stand out. It can be the most subtle touch that gives a vehicle the edge, whether it’s …

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How to Finance a Car

Everyone knows that buying a car is a big investment and no matter how you do it you are going to be parting with a lot of money. In the past people often chose to simply save their earnings to put towards their next car, but doing this takes time …

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