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Britain’s dwindling driveway DIY car mechanics

Couple after a car breakdown at the side of the road

A third of motorists check under the bonnet of their car less than four times a year and 62% leave the engine bay untouched for more than two months at a time, according to new research. The survey by car ownership and maintenance start-up MotorEasy indicates that it could be …

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What should I do if my car needs repairing?

The majority of drivers, at some stage or another, will have to deal with car damage. Whether it’s a simple case of a warning light suddenly flashing, or a full-blown breakdown on a motorway, most cars will need repairs at some point. However, what are the best ways to approach …

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Short cut to expensive motoring

Car maintenance

One in five car owners have skipped maintenance or repairs in the last year, according to new research. The study carried out for Kwik Fit also revealed that many of these seven million drivers are well aware that their neglect will prove more costly in the long run. Almost half …

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Top 5 maintenance tips for your new car

If you’ve just purchased a brand new car, you will most likely be looking to ensure that it stays in great condition, looking perfect and running sweetly. In order to keep a vehicle in top condition, careful maintenance has to be performed throughout the year and owners have to be …

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Maintaining Your Car

In a world of hustle and bustle, mobility is important. Follow this guide to make sure you never compromise your vehicle’s performance. Check the oil level Oil is your car’s lifeblood, so it’s important to check it early and often to optimise engine reliability and efficiency. Check it at least …

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What you should know about your car

It has been reported that the police and sundry insurance investigators are using data stored on car keys as part of their ongoing investigations. This may not be news to some of you but I’m willing to bet that a majority of the population were unaware of how much information …

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