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Why You Need to Buy UK Car Insurance

Many drivers purchase UK car insurance because this is something they know they need to do. However, it is common for some drivers to purchase auto cover without fully realizing why buying car insurance is a necessity. There are several key reasons why you may need to purchase and maintain …

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Drive Down The Cost of Car Insurance This March

March is traditionally a hectic time in the UK car industry. The release of the new registration plates at the start of the month sparks a flurry of interest in the new car market and it also represents a busy period of the year for insurance renewals as people of …

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Can Car Insurance Comparison Sites Really Save Money?

The short answer to this is yes. Car insurance comparison sites really can help you save money. The truth is there are so many insurance companies out there offering cheap car insurance that it’s impossible for you to think of them all. The price you will pay for insurance also …

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No More Cheap Car Insurance for Female Drivers

The European Union ruling regarding sex equality laws will put an end to the niche insurance market that provides cheaper car insurance for women drivers. It has been decided that  the current practice of offering reduced premiums to female drivers is in breach of the legislation. At present it is common practice …

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Car Insurance Premium Costs to Increase

The last six years have seen a change in the manner in which insurance companies operate, they have started adding costs for services that were traditionally seen as free. Now when you renew your car insurance, make policy changes or amend your details there are further charges. Research has shown …

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