Thursday , November 15 2018
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Drivers feeling the pinch as fuel prices soar

Filling up at the petrol pump

Motorists on ‘lower’ incomes are being priced off the road by record-breaking fuel costs, claims new research. Drivers who earn between £5,001 and £10,000, such as part-time sales or customer service workers who are likely to have other commitments such as young families or other dependents, are paying a significant …

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Road rage Britain – drivers fess up

motorway traffic

A Almost all UK motorists – that’s a staggering 97% – have experienced road rage behind the wheel, claims new research. Anger on the roads is most frequently prominent among those living in South West England and the West Midlands, while urban streets and A roads were revealed as bigger …

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Record car insurance premiums predicted

Cars parked in the street

Drivers are set to pay record amounts for their motor insurance, according to’s car insurance price index. Premiums have soared by almost £100 in just four months and they are expected to speed past the most expensive average cost of £858 seen six years ago. The increase is partly …

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Bald tyre Britain exposed

defective tyre

One in four MOTs are failed because of defective tyres, with ‘bald’ tyres being the most common tyre-related reason for rejection, according to new research. Freedom of Information data, obtained by car savings site, also found that more than 32,000 penalty points were handed out to almost 9,000 drivers …

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Car insurance premiums accelerating

The cost of motor insurance is continuing to rise. Over the last 12 months, prices have increased by 14% – equivalent to £95 – on average. This means a driver can now expect to pay £767 for a typical comprehensive car insurance policy – the costliest amount since mid-2012 when …

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One in three drivers struck with ‘Paralellophobia’

Driving a car

Millions of motorists are suffering from ‘parallelophobia’ – a fear of parallel parking, according to a new study. Almost a third of drivers, that’s potentially more than 11 million, admit the prospect of trying to manoeuvre their motor into a parallel space drives them to distraction, and 34% confessed they …

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Can Car Insurance Comparison Sites Really Save Money?

The short answer to this is yes. Car insurance comparison sites really can help you save money. The truth is there are so many insurance companies out there offering cheap car insurance that it’s impossible for you to think of them all. The price you will pay for insurance also …

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Top 10 Car Names

Recent research by insurance comparison site has revealed us Brits are a nation of softies, who feel our car is part of the family. Over a quarter of UK motorist even name their beloved cars and 33% even have daily conversations with their ride talking about everything from day …

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Sunday Drivers – Driving UK Crazy

Research conducted by insurance comparison website has revealed that dawdling drivers are the top cause of irritation for UK drivers. The survey shows that 60% of UK motorists experience increased stress levels and irritability when stuck behind a car travelling at slow speeds. Alarmingly 45% of drivers admitted to …

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