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Don’t be dazzled by the summer sun

summer driving glare - IAM RoadSmart

Nothing beats taking to the road on a glorious summer’s day. However, the glaring sun takes no prisoners and being dazzled can be a major distraction and is often a factor in summer collisions. Here’s some essential tips on how to stay safe on the road at this time of …

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Motorists ‘dazzled’ by modern car headlights

Drivers are being temporarily blinded by the latest vehicle headlights, according to new research. Two-thirds of drivers say they are “regularly dazzled” by oncoming headlights even though they are dipped, an RAC survey of 2,061 motorists claims. And 67% of those said it can take up to five seconds for …

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Dealing with road rage – top tips

Road rage

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re confronted with an angry motorist? It can happen anywhere and anytime, and sometimes through no fault of your own. We’ve teamed up with Richard Gladman of IAM RoadSmart (Institute of Advanced Motorists) for advice on how to avoid becoming a road …

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Commuters driven round the bend by congestion

London traffic

Traffic jams are the pet peeve of 16 million motorists in the UK, new research has revealed. Congestion is the biggest frustration for 60% of drivers on their daily commute, compared to just 13% of motorbike riders, according to motorcycle insurance broker Carole Nash. Commuters’ top five pet peeves Amount …

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Top 10 most inconsiderate driver habits

London traffic

Failing to indicate clearly has been named as the most inconsiderate driving behaviour on UK roads, according to an RAC Insurance survey. Nearly six in 10 (58%) drivers surveyed said not signalling clearly, or failing to indicate at all, was their top inconsiderate action at the wheel, ahead of hogging …

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Real cost of motoring revealed

Save money on your motoring costs

Did you know the average British motorist spends £1,116 on fuel and wastes three days stuck in traffic ever year? New research for The Car People reveals that despite spending a lot of time in their cars, 87% of Brits believe they have more freedom because of their car. How …

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Survey reveals tired drivers are taking risks

Driving a car

One in five British motorists admit to almost nodded off at the wheel, according to new research. The study by also revealed that more than three quarters of these respondents said they didn’t stop at a service station because they were on a “tight schedule”. A further 9% divulged …

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Dangers of driving dehydrated revealed

driving dehydrated danger

At this time of the year there’s rightly a focus on drink driving, but did you know it’s also dangerous to drive whilst dehydrated? Two in three (67%) drivers in the UK fail to recognise major symptoms of dehydration including slower reaction times, loss of focus and muscle cramps, potentially …

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Confessions of a UK motorist

Using a mobile while driving

Have you ever used your phone whilst driving? Had a quick check of Facebook? Driven off after clipping another car? Be honest and take an anonymous quiz… A survey by car and van insurance company, Staveley Head, has revealed the secrets about driving in Britain today. For instance, a huge …

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Fuel price rises accelerate

Filling up with fuel

Filling up the average family car is now around £5 more expensive than it was in February, following the third consecutive month of fuel price rises. According to RAC Fuel Watch data for May, the average forecourt price of unleaded petrol is now 110.59p (up 1.92p a litre), while diesel …

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