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Green Car launches Of 2011

The Green car launches of 2011 Go green is the buzz phrase of the year. Be it food, clothes or even cars. Everybody has been bitten by the green bug and is trying to become more eco-friendly. Many of the auto majors announced at the start of the New Year, …

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Phantasy Number 1: If you won the lottery.

Imagine that on Sunday morning you made a cup of tea, swallowed a couple of ibuprofen and booted up your computer to  find an email from the National Lottery that informed you that it was YOU…that your numbers had come up on the big money balls and you were now …

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Ring Tones for Electric Cars

Manufacturers say that it will not be long before you will be able to choose the sound your car engine makes, in the same easy manner you change the ring tone for your mobile phone.  HALOsonic is the brainchild of a British engineering company that say, “Noise is bad, sound …

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Electric Audi A1

Audi have joined in the electric car debate by producing the new Audi A1 hybrid, which will be power by the e-tron project.  The superminis will be fitted out with an electric motor capable of generating 101 bhp of energy giving the car a top speed of 81 mph and …

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World’s first diesel hybrid

Have you ever wondered why there isn’t a diesel / electric hybrid car?  Up to now the reason has been cost, as having a diesel engine which costs more than a petrol engine and then adding another electric motor to the setup has made the idea fail to make economic …

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Hi Tech Car Pooling

It seems that Daimler have seen the future of car pooling and come up with an interesting mix of technology and travel.  Car2gether is the offshoot of Daimle’s Car2go scheme where the need for car ownership is removed, well at least if you live in Austin, Texas or Ulm, Germany.  …

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