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New car sales rocket

Ford Fiesta ST - UK's best-selling car

Ford Fiesta forges ahead as UK new car sales rise to nine-year high. Sales of new cars in the UK continued to motor ahead in June, resulting in the best first-half figures since 2005. June saw new car registrations rise 6.2% to 228,291, which means 1,287,265 new cars have been …

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Keyless Cars – Are They Really A Good Idea?

A growing trend is emerging with the “keyless car”.  This special feature was once reserved for the super-rich in their super-expensive cars, but it is now making its way into even the most normal of cars such as the Ford Fiesta and while many people first enjoy the buzz of …

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New Car vs Old Safety

Compare a new model of car to one of the older motors of yesteryear and you will probably find a lot of differences just in the outside aesthetics. But what most people want to know when they have decided to purchase a new(er) car is: are there any differences elsewhere? …

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Top 5 Cars Of 2011

2011 was an eventful year for cars.  We saw a number of new models, updates of old favourites and improvements in safety and technology.  Based on factors from safety through to performance and comfort, here our top 5 cars of 2011: 1 – Ford Fiesta You just can’t go wrong …

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Best Used Car Buys

In these difficult financial times it’s sometimes hard to get an accurate picture of how the new and used car market is doing. Different areas and different markets report different things, well, differently – if you see what I mean. Sellers of new cars will, of course, be talking up …

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Small But Spacious

Apparently, at Volkswagen Communications, staff managed to cram 15 women and one man into the new Volkswagen UP! Quite why they would want to do that – although I expect the chap may have enjoyed it – is not clear. I mean, can you imagine the noise? However, it does …

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Look, I’m going to type two words. Proton. Perodua. There, I’ve done it, but before you come at me with flaming torches and pitchforks you should hear me out. Well, you wanted a new car for under £10k, didn’t you and I’ve found just what you need. There’s the Satria …

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UK New Car Sales

Recent new car sales figures in the UK show that the market is still in buoyant mood and car sales are still on the increase. Despite the recession the UK car industry has maintained an eight-quarter rise in the number of cars sold.  Experts however predict that this is likely …

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