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The Good Old Days

Guest Blogger

Excerpt: Just think about all the exciting extras available on new cars these days. Individual micro-climates, sensors that can see in the dark, sensors that let you doze off on straight bits of road knowing...

Best Used Car Buys


Excerpt: In these difficult financial times it’s sometimes hard to get an accurate picture of how the new and used car market is doing. Different areas and different markets report different things, well,...

UK New Car Sales


Excerpt: Recent new car sales figures in the UK show that the market is still in buoyant mood and car sales are still on the increase. Despite the recession the UK car industry has maintained an eight-quarter...

Lost Loves

Guest Blogger

Excerpt: Things change and for some of you keen car zealots 2012 is going to be a very bad year as some great future classics are going to disappear. Renault is renewing the Clio, for example. Now, if ever...

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