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Rediscovering The Discovery

Geoff 771

Excerpt: The Land Rover Discovery is one of the world’s most stylish, capable and versatile SUVs. The 2014 Discovery receives a new look, new badging, new fuel stretching technology, improved audio systems...

Defender of The Faith

Geoff 212

Excerpt: In 1947 one Maurice Wilks came up with the idea of a Land Rover and, in a nutshell, the Series 1 Landy was born. Swiftly, this robust workhorse became the favourite of farmers, equestrians and...

Jaguar All Wheel Drive

Geoff 310

Excerpt: The country is in, or almost in, recession. Money is tight and people are not just pulling the purse strings in, they are knotting them and sealing them with wax as well. This makes the success of...

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