Monday , December 17 2018
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Beware of ‘Black Saturday’ on the roads

motorway traffic

Saturday, July 21 at 2.30pm is the time you are most likely to have a crash in Britain this year, according to new research. A ‘perfect storm’ of conditions including peak traffic volumes in July, the start of children’s school holidays and the great summer ‘getaway’ all happening at the …

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Stay safe during the deer breeding season

Deer breeding season

Road safety organisation GEM Motoring Assist is advising drivers to take extra care in areas where deer are common, as their breeding season gets underway. RSPCA research indicates that up to 75,000 deer are killed each year in road collisions – 10,000 instantly. The human death toll from accidents involving …

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Beware The Holes In The Ground

This time though it isn’t potholes under discussion, it is something much bigger and much deeper. Tunnels. These long tubes in the earth can, surprisingly, present serious problems for drivers who are not used to experiencing them. We don’t come across that many in the UK, but they are quite …

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Stay Safe – Avoid Accidents Part 1.

There’s an old adage that says it isn’t speed that kills you it is the sudden stop. Corny, but factually correct. The recent multi-car pile-up on the Sheppey Crossing involving over one hundred vehicles should have been a timely reminder to all that driving a heavy metal object inherently comes …

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