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Driving test at 80 – fascinating facts

Young driver

It’s the 80th anniversary of the driving test and to celebrate we have 18 fascinating facts… Taking the dreaded driving test is a stressful time, but there’s no doubt that it’s been hugely beneficial from a road safety point of view. In fact, a year after it was made compulsory …

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Driving home for Christmas?

Volkswagen Golf R

Make sure your car is roadworthy before setting off on your journey – and stays safe when you arrive. As millions of people take to the roads in the great Christmas getaway, we have tips to help everything go smoothly. Autoserv Car & Bike in Weston-super-Mare is offering this free …

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Winter safety – check your tyres

aquaplaning danger - check your car tyres

Are your tyres safe? Tyresafe releases YouTube video warning of aquaplaning danger. Tyresafe has launched a has new online movie has been launched to educate drivers about the risks associated with aquaplaning, a dangerous phenomenon caused by low tyre tread depth on wet roads which results in the car losing …

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What Are You Watching?

It has been reported recently that some enterprising criminal has been renting set-top boxes that show the full compliment of a well known satellite broadcaster’s TV output at a fraction of the price officially charged. Somehow or other he has managed to by-pass their system. For many of us who …

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Plenty Of Rubber On The Road

It may, on the whole, have been pretty mild this winter (so far!) but we have had some big storms and some terrible flooding. Roads awash with water are dangerous places to be and, since the tyres are the only part of the car in contact with the ground, it …

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Beware The Holes In The Ground

This time though it isn’t potholes under discussion, it is something much bigger and much deeper. Tunnels. These long tubes in the earth can, surprisingly, present serious problems for drivers who are not used to experiencing them. We don’t come across that many in the UK, but they are quite …

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When There’s Stormy Weather, Take Extra Care

Following our recent bout of severe weather and very strong winds it doesn’t hurt to think about the best driving techniques to cope with the conditions should we be caught out. Strong winds can certainly unsettle your car and even change your direction of travel. This is especially true for …

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Water, Water Everywhere

This year our winter season has, at the time of writing, been reasonably mild. Instead of snow we’ve had rain and lots of it. In fact, it is hissing down as I type. Heavy rain and high wind can make driving a dangerous misery. Big puddles hide potholes and other …

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Trouble In The Back Seat

It’s that time of year when families pack up the luggage, the kids and the dog and head off into the wild blue yonder to visit relatives they can’t stand for the annual round of festive misery. The journey will be fraught and the traffic horrendous. Hey; don’t shoot the …

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Stay Safe – Avoid Accidents Part 1.

There’s an old adage that says it isn’t speed that kills you it is the sudden stop. Corny, but factually correct. The recent multi-car pile-up on the Sheppey Crossing involving over one hundred vehicles should have been a timely reminder to all that driving a heavy metal object inherently comes …

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