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Nissan Juke Orders Roll In

Pre-orders for the new Nissan Juke look set to firmly establish their latest model in the competitive crossover SUV market. The British built Juke, manufactured at the Sunderland plant has seen well over 1,200 snapped up since the order book was first opened up in June and the Japanese producer …

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Nissan Juke Aims to be King SUV

The¬†launch of the new Nissan Juke has caused quite a stir in the UK automotive market. The latest Nissan car looks set to take the compact SUV market by storm with already 15,000 units being ordered, 1,100 of which are from the UK. The news will be a shot in …

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Nissan Micra Bids Farewell to UK

Over the last 18 years, since the first Nissan Micra left the production line in August 1992, Sunderland produced more than 2.3 million cars in the northeast plant. That record has now come to an end as the last Micra rolled off the factory floor. This was the Japanese companies …

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Best SUV Crossover Cars

There were talks a while ago of SUV’s going the same way as the dinosaurs in the face of the economic decline, with rising fuel costs resulting in searches for more economical cars. However what has survived nature’s cull is a smaller, leaner more eco-friendly vehicle, the SUV crossover. The …

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