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Motorway driving: essential tips


Whether it’s safety, etiquette, fuel economy or dealing with bad habits and breakdowns, driving on a motorway is a daunting prospect for many motorists. We’ve teamed up with Simon Acker of Warranty Direct to create some top tips to help you navigate problems and stay safe on motorways. Safety, discipline …

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Dealing with road rage – top tips

Road rage

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re confronted with an angry motorist? It can happen anywhere and anytime, and sometimes through no fault of your own. We’ve teamed up with Richard Gladman of IAM RoadSmart (Institute of Advanced Motorists) for advice on how to avoid becoming a road …

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Top Tips For First Time Buyers

Experience is all well and good but if you’re a first time buyer in the car market there are a number of pit falls you need to look out for. Looking for a car is an arduous task, and no one would envy a first time buyer. This is why …

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10 Top Tips For Buying Cars At Auction

Cars are placed into auction for a number of reasons. Many come from dealerships because they have high mileage, are too old, are the wrong brand or have simply been on the forecourt too long. Ex company fleet cars are usually auctioned they generally have high mileage but the plus …

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5 Top Tips for Summer Motoring

Motorists should take extra care in hot weather With the summer sunshine set to be well on its way, there are a couple of additional precautions that motorists should take to avoid potential problems whilst out on the road. Here are our top 5 pieces of advice to have a …

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Used Cars – Tips to Get a Better Deal

When it comes to shopping for used cars, there are many secrets to getting the best bargain. You just have to know what to do when you get to the used car dealer. The most important thing is not to just rush into a deal, because you see a car …

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