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5 of The most Dangerous Car Features in History

Could a new in-car Facebook status update button soon be added to a list which includes automatic seat belts and passenger-side braking systems? News that Mercedes-Benz is to introduce an in-car system which lets drivers update their Facebook status from behind the wheel has been greeted with dismay by road …

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What you should know about your car

It has been reported that the police and sundry insurance investigators are using data stored on car keys as part of their ongoing investigations. This may not be news to some of you but I’m willing to bet that a majority of the population were unaware of how much information …

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Small But Spacious

Apparently, at Volkswagen Communications, staff managed to cram 15 women and one man into the new Volkswagen UP! Quite why they would want to do that – although I expect the chap may have enjoyed it – is not clear. I mean, can you imagine the noise? However, it does …

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Why are Japanese Car Manufacturers More Reliable…?

Japanese cars are recognised in the car industry for being far more reliable than their European counterparts. It is not uncommon for Japan to make up  to three quarters of the top ten most reliable cars available in surveys – why is this? Customer Orientation Japanese companies are extremely customer …

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Car Manufacturers Compete for Technology

As a company, Ford has never been particularly renowned for being an innovative or technologically advanced car manufacturer.  Instead, they have tended to follow the market, but now, along with Toyota and General Motors, they are hoping to make significant changes to their in-car systems with the help of California’s …

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Toyota’s A Glass of Water Challenge

Toyota are trying to convince us all that by driving as if we had a glass of water on our dashboards and not spilling any we will save money, it will lead to decreased fuel consumption and be better for the planet all round. Top Gear undertook a similar test …

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