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Second Hand Car Bargains

Second Hand Ford Mondeo


Excerpt: We’ve all done it, bought a car we thought was our dream car, only to find it then spends half the following year on a ramp slowly adding up fees until the garage has charged you so much you’d...

New Year, New Driving Style


Excerpt: It’s easy to become complacent about driving skills. Many of us go for years without experiencing any close calls or near misses. As a result is it possible to become too relaxed about the business...

If In Doubt, Make A List


Excerpt: OK, it’s a new year and, with Spring approaching (eventually), you will be in the market for a change of car. It doesn’t matter how much you like your car, there comes a point when you get that...

A Budget Car Surprise


Excerpt: It’s a fact that nobody really makes bad cars anymore. Certainly there are quite a few so-so ones but, by and large, we motorist have never had it so good. Our motoring history is of course...

Assault On Battery


Excerpt: Apparently, these first few weeks after the seasonal break are also some of the busiest weeks of the year for roadside assistance; and it seems that it is battery problems that account for more than...

The Myths Of Fuel Economy


Excerpt: Petrol is and has routinely been very expensive these days and saving fuel is high on most motorists’ lists. There are many myths about how to save to precious golden stuff. If you believe in them...

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