Thursday , September 20 2018
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10 Top Fuel Saving Tips

With the numbers on petrol price boards across the country edging ever higher, and the proposed fuel duty announcements to be made in the chancellor’s budgets this week, the cost of motoring is at an all-time high. Road safety and breakdown organisation GEM motoring assist have come up with 10 …

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New World Record for Volkswagen Passat

A brand new Volkswagen Passat, fitted with a Bluemotion system has been officially recognised by the Guinness Book of Records for travelling the furthest without refuelling. The VW Passat covered a massive 1,527 miles between Maidstone, Kent and the South of France and back to just outside Calais on a …

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Electric Cars, a Survey

With the government increasingly emphasising the importance of more environmentally friendly, green cars and even going to the lengths of offering thousands off certain green models, the popularity of the green, electric car can only increase- you would think. However a recent survey on attitudes towards electric cars by the …

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