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VW Fun Facts

Guest Blogger 474

Excerpt: Volkswagen is a well known and iconic car brand. Their vehicles have undergone many makeovers, with the quality and uniqueness o f the brand remaining all the way through. This guest blog post...

MPV Carrying People

Christopher 147

Excerpt: People Carriers, MPV’s and minivans are designed to do exactly what it says on the tin, move people. Across the globe the MPV is rapidly becoming the vehicle of choice for many families intending...

Evolution Of The Beetle

Della 2062

Excerpt: The concept for the Volkswagen Beetle came from the infamous Ferdinand Porsche. Porsche’s main concern was producing an affordable car for the average German family. Porsche made attempts at...

Volkswagen Jetta

Matt 215

Excerpt: Volkswagen has just unveiled the latest Jetta in New York with the model due to appear on British streets early next year, but how does it compare and what’s on offer for the VW fans? Working...

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