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Choosing The Best Car Service

When should I service my car? As a good rule of thumb, we suggest you have your car serviced every twelve months or 12000 miles, whichever comes first. Heavy car users, who drive many miles a year, should aim to have an interim service every six months or 6000 miles. …

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Six ways to be unaffected by rising car servicing costs

Car dealerships have plenty of methods to get more money out of their customers once an initial sale has been agreed. Some of this income stream might be because a vehicle financing package has been arranged that needs to be paid back. There again, things like extended warranties on spare …

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Honda tops servicing satisfaction survey

Car servicing satisfaction

Japanese and Korean car brands dominate the servicing satisfaction rankings for both newer and older cars, with Honda taking the No 1 spot, according to a new survey. The research by What Car? shows Honda enjoying an overall satisfaction rate of 91.2%, while fellow Japanese brands Lexus, Subaru and Toyota …

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What should I do if my car needs repairing?

The majority of drivers, at some stage or another, will have to deal with car damage. Whether it’s a simple case of a warning light suddenly flashing, or a full-blown breakdown on a motorway, most cars will need repairs at some point. However, what are the best ways to approach …

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Five Car Things To Make You Think

Most of us take car ownership for granted. The danger is the belief that, day in day out a car will start, run and proceed as usual, it will continue doing so without any further input from the owner. Taking a car for granted is a recipe for disaster. Windscreen …

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5 common car noises and what they mean

What sounds to shrug off and when to sit up and pay attention when your car ‘talks back’ A car, like any other modern machine that is an extension of the body – iPhones and laptops being the slightly more discrete kinds – still has a life of their own …

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Servicing: Franchised Dealership v Local Independent

For many people the economy isn’t getting any better, they are finding that money is tight and the future isn’t looking all that secure.  So when it is time to service the car there are two primary questions; a)      Can I afford to get it serviced at all? b)      If …

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Have you lied about your car insurance?

It is estimated that there are close to two million uninsured drivers on Britain’s roads.  Very worrying indeed although on a slightly glib note, if the authorities know this with any certainty then why are they not able to identify and deal with them?  This is really the ultimate form …

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Why MOT Should Be Yearly

The Department of Transport are currently holding discussions about bringing Britain’s MOT system in line with the rest of Europe by scrapping the annual MOT test.  On the continent, it is common for all new cars to only be tested for the first time, four years after they are manufactured …

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