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Savvy Brits planning to buy more used cars

Used car lot

Two in five UK adults are planning to change their car within the next two years and most are likely to buy a second-hand vehicle, according to new research. Sainsbury’s Bank Car Insurance found that the average amount they plan to spend is £14,070 and men spend almost £5,000 more …

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Top features motorists want in a car

Hyundai Kona gizmos

New research has revealed that most in-demand options motorists would like in their next car. Air conditioning, parking sensors, electric windows and sat nav are among the Top 20 favourites in the list, according to the study by Hyundai. Air conditioning Parking sensors Electric windows Sat nav Spacious boot Digital …

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One in three used cars has a hidden past

Used car lot

Hundreds of thousands of cars on UK roads could potentially have a chequered history – and most drivers are unaware of their vehicle’s unknown past. That’s according to used vehicle database which has revealed an alarming one in three used cars in the UK is missing important details about …

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Smoking can slash a car’s value

Smoking in a car

People who smoke in their cars run the risk of losing thousands of pounds when they come to sell or trade in, claims a new study. According to a Carbuyer survey of 6,000 people, 87% wouldn’t buy a used car that had been smoked in. Worse still, automotive data specialists …

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UK’s fastest selling used cars revealed

BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series saloon was the UK’s fastest selling used car in May, according to the latest Auto Trader data. The 2016 petrol manual version took on average 14 days to sell, just pipping the 2016 petrol automatic Skoda Fabia and Ford Mondeo which both took 16 days to …

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Remember your first love?

Fiat 500 - first car?

The majority of UK drivers have fonder memories of their first car than their first kiss, new research reveals. A first car, even if it’s an old banger, holds a very special place in our hearts, according to a poll of 1,000 parents carried out by leading car website NFDA …

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Buying and running a car on a budget

Buying a new Hyundai

For some people, being able to buy and run a car on a budget is very important. You might be a student struggling to finance a car that can ferry you backwards and forwards between home and university. Maybe you are between jobs and need a cheap runaround to get …

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Drivers gambling on unchecked used cars

Privately owned used cars

Just 10% of second-hand car buyers bother to check a vehicle’s history before purchasing, according to new research. Vehicle history data from the RAC Car Passport service reveals that nine out of 10 motorists are taking on unnecessary risk when it comes to vetting the next car in their life. …

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Top 10 reliable used ‘eco’ cars

Ford Fiesta ECOnetic

Looking for a reliable, economical second-hand car that won’t cost the earth? The Ford Fiesta ECOnetic should definitely be on your shortlist… Research by Warranty Direct has highlighted the used cars aged three years or older which offer the best combination of reliability and economy. Warranty Direct analysed its 50,000 …

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