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Motability Car Adaptations

Being able to get about by yourself is an important concern to all of us but if you have a disability that hampers mobility then this becomes even more important. The motability car scheme was set up by the government in the 1970s to offer financial aid to enable cars to be converted for use by people with mobility difficulties.

The conversions are available for modern cars:-

Seating solutions, gaining access to your car and being able to sit comfortably whilst driving is probably one of people’s main concerns. Cars can be fitted with special rotating seats that swing out to enable drivers to easily board their vehicle. There are also wheelchair transfer systems and lowering swivel seats that afford comfortable entrance and seating in the car.

Of equal concern is once you are safely seated behind the wheel, where do you put your wheelchair or scooter? Companies have designed a number of excellent rear seat storage systems and hoists and lifts for loading heavier chairs into the back of cars and vans. The suitability of these will obviously depend on the style and weight of your scooter.

When it comes to driving and controlling the car there are some ingenious adoptions that cater for all disabilities. Whether you have problems operating pedals or turning the steering wheels engineers have created a wide range of solutions to aid mobility. Solving the problem of using the clutch has also been overcome with a number of clever gadgets that negate the use of the pedal or have hand operated systems instead. Buttons and levers on the gear stick serve to engage the clutch and make for effortless gear changes.

Prior to choosing motability cars, it is important to discuss your requirements with the Motability Specialists at your local Motability car dealers as they are specially trained to help you choose the right motability cars for your mobility needs.

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  1. You should exactly now what you need and expect from your mobility scooter before you buy it. It is important to note that mobility scooters that will travel on main roads should be equipped with taillights and headlights with speed of 8 mph minimum, as provided by law.

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