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Do you judge people by their car?

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More than half of Brits say they make assumptions about a person based on their car, new research claims.

The survey of 1,002 adults carried out by car leasing company also revealed that the type of car you drive may even affect your love life.

One in three said they would turn down a second date with someone if their car was not clean, while 12% confessed they would do so based on what kind of car they drove alone.

A further 37% revealed they would even turn down a lift from someone based on the car they drive.

Considering the above, a surprising one in 10 (12%) people questioned couldn’t remember the last time they cleaned the inside of their car.

The data also indicated that women aged 18-24 are the demographic most likely to judge a person based on their car (43%).

Meanwhile, Oxford is the city with the highest standards in the UK, where 73% of residents make assumptions based on a person’s car, followed by those living in Manchester (69%).

“It’s quite interesting to see how many drivers in the UK are being judged on the state and type of their car by both friends and potential love interests,” said James Buttrick of

“Nevertheless, motorists should take pride in the car and ensure their car is clean and tidy, particularly when drivers know they are also going to have a passenger on their trip.”

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