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Five concerns stalling the electric car revolution

Electric car charging

Nearly nine out of 10 car buyers would go electric, according to new research, but there are five key concerns holding them back.

In a survey for OVO Energy, 87% of the 2,000 Brits questioned said they “would” or “definitely would” buy an electric vehicle.

However, the electric revolution is still being stalled to some extent by five worries highlighted in the research…

1) Lack of charging points – 56%
2) Expense – 49%
3) Being out of range from charging points (range anxiety) – 45%
4) Time taken to charge – 43%
5) Running costs – 38%

While concerns like these may have been valid in previous years, a large amount of progress has been made in addressing each of them. There are now more than 14,000 charging points across the UK. And, the costs involved in running an electric car are very inexpensive, when compared to petrol and diesel vehicles.

“At OVO Energy we’re always looking for ways to help customers by providing clear information on the next amazing thing about to arrive in their household – the electric vehicle,” said Tom Pakenham of OVO Energy.

“We’ve worked hard to overcome any concerns they may have by myth-busting and encouraging our customers to make the switch to electric.

“That’s why we launched EV Everywhere, bundling 100% renewable household energy with free membership to the largest charging network in the country, which provides the best one-stop household and electric vehicle plan on the market today.”

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