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Worried about the 2040 diesel and petrol ban?

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New research has revealed that motorists and businesses are concerned and confused by the proposed ban on the sale of petrol and diesel cars from 2040.

The report, released by, indicates that some consumers are questioning when they should buy their next car, with one in four owners now looking to sell their vehicle earlier than planned due to the announcement.

When questioned about their biggest concerns surrounding the ban, motorists revealed the following as their main worries:

  • Finding charging points for an electric car/running out of charge (38%)
  • Unknown expense of charging the car (35%)
  • Potential increase in tax/charges for owning a diesel/petrol car (31%)
  • Having to charge my car more often than I would fill up with diesel (29%)
  • Not enough trained mechanics/garages to cater for increase in electric vehicles (25%)
  • Losing money on my current vehicle (24%)
  • Losing money later down the line when buying/selling a car (23%)
  • Safety standards (12%)
  • Electric/hybrid cars will take the fun out of driving (11%)

The ‘Diesel Impact’ report also revealed that half (48%) of managers/company owners who employ drivers are confused by the proposed ban, with 39% admitting they are concerned about the impact the proposed ban will have on their company finances.

While one in five actually think the ban will have a positive impact on their work, only 43% of those who have a transport business are planning to train employees to drive/fix/work with hybrid and electric vehicles.

Nearly half (45%) of business decision makers are concerned about the availability of trained mechanics for hybrid and electric vehicles with their biggest concerns being revealed as:

  • Accessibility to charging points for electric cars (40%)
  • Unknown expenses for car charging (37%)
  • Possible increase in taxes/charges for driving petrol/diesel vehicles (34%)

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