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Winter Driving – A Guide

Getting through winter isn’t easy. It’s ridiculously cold all the time, and you don’t want to go outside. However, driving in this season is unavoidable. You need to get from one place to the next, so it’s essential to drive with safety. Let’s take a look at some of the different things you should probably keep in mind if you’re going out during snow, ice or wet weather.

Pack an Emergency Kit

It doesn’t matter how well prepared you are. It doesn’t matter how safe your vehicle is and how well you can drive. If something goes wrong with another car and it crashes or breaks down, you’re not going anywhere. Pack an emergency kit just in case, to avoid going without warmth or food and water.

Pre-Drive Checks

Checking the vehicle before you drive is essential for winter travel. Clean off all the mirrors and windscreens – frost can hinder your vision! Avoid using hot water to do this; otherwise you risk cracking your glass. Get all the snow off the roof, because it’s a safety hazard for you and other drivers. You should also make sure that your lights are clean and visible, and so is your plates – you don’t want to get pulled over by the authorities.

Engine Care

Your engine is under a lot of pressure this winter, so be kind to it. Make sure that anything electric is switched off before you start the car, so you give it the best possible chance to turn on. It’s also advised that you let the engine run while you’re doing other checks, so it can warm up and get ready to go. Plus, it’ll help to defrost the windows.

Get a Winter Check

Winter checks make sure your car is ready for the journey. They’re not always expensive either, as some dealerships and garages offer them at a reduced price in certain conditions. However, it’s a must for winter driving. You’ll be told if you’re ready to get out there, or whether you need to winterise your vehicle first.

Prep the Tyres

Your tyres are going to encounter ice, snow, sleet and rain in the winter. Therefore, they need to be ready. Get them looked at if you’re worried they’re not quite up to snuff and make sure there’s between 3-4mm of tread in them. Remember, the cost of car insurance will be much higher than new tyres if you crash, so never leave it to chance!

Get Breakdown Cover

So your vehicle hasn’t quite cut it. But you can’t sit at the side of the road forever, so you need a excellent breakdown cover system. Many car insurance packages include breakdown cover, as well as a replacement car as an option, to make it your best bet for winter travel. Don’t take any chances with winter – many people have terrible accidents that are easily avoided. When in doubt, play it smart!

All in all, these are some of our best tips for winter driving. Be safe, be sensible, and always be prepared. Those who underestimate winter often lose out for it, so do whatever you need to do to get the most from your driving.

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